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The top 5 Most Common Legal Malpractice Claims

At Law Firm Sites Inc, we want the best for your site and the business it represents. Here are the top 5 most common legal malpractice claims that could attack your business. Remember, it can take years to build a good reputation but only minutes to build a bad reputation. Avoid these mistakes to give your business the best chance at a stellar reputation. Information was collected from the American Bar Association:

Failure to know/apply the law
These claims result when the client believes that the attorney did not understand or did not apply the laws, which led to an unfavorable outcome for the client. This can either be an attack on the reasoning skills of the attorney or an attack on the level and quality of legal research that was done.

Planning error
This is a difficult category to prove misconduct in, because it only applies if the attorney can be said to have fully understood the laws and facts of the case involved. In claiming a planning error, the client is alleging that the attorney made harmful decisions in the manner in which they handled the case. The claim is that the attorney should have known that the pursued strategy would not be effective, or not as effective as another strategy.

Inadequate Discovery/Investigation
This type of claim is asserting negligence and lack of due diligence on the part of the attorney. The claim alleges harm was done because a more thorough investigation would have led to a more favorable outcome of the case.

Fail to File Documents: No deadline
If your client wants to purchase a home, the burden on the attorney is to file the mortgage before another party can acquire an interest in the property. Any injury the client receives due to the attorney failing to promptly file documentation can be a cause for a malpractice claim.

Failure to Calendar
This very common mistake is the easiest to avoid. When you know of a deadline that will impact the interests of your client, promptly making a calendar entry will help you avoid forgetting and accidentally harming your client’s interests.

Even if you are avoiding all of these negative mistakes, you still need a quality website to attract new clients. Here at we design custom, detailed websites specifically tailored to your unique practice. Call us today for a free design.

Department: Lawyer Blogging
Author: Danielle
Date: Jun 26, 2015

Make your Law Website Design Outstanding

Do you know what it takes to make an outstanding website? Nearly everyone has a webpage up, but you need yours to stick out from the rest of the cookie cutter, average sites. The dynamic team at Law Firm Sites Inc. is here to help. Check out our top five tips:

Mobile Friendly websites make all the difference in today’s market. In fact, so many people search the Internet from their mobile device that Google penalizes sites that are not mobile responsive. If your site was set up before the mobile revolution, don’t fear. We are experts at adapting your existing design to a mobile-responsive platform.

Pictures and Videos bring a site to life. Sites that have sliding layer pictures or video options are more eye catching and look more professional than sites that have no movement on the screen.

Engaging Content is key. Even if someone finds your site, if they are instantly bored or find your content too overwhelming to read, they will not learn anything about your firm and are unlikely to become a client. Make your pages informative but succinct. No one wants to read a novel-length web page, but pages with less than 300 words will look barren and reflect poorly with Google rankings.

Functionality is possibly the most important element of all. If your links are old and broken, or there is no easy contact form, or elements do not load properly, there is every chance that your potential clients will move on to another site.

Color Scheme is more important than many give it credit for. The color scheme of your page sets the tone. Color can easily date your site and put off younger clients.

Revamping your law website design can breathe new life into your business and attract new clients. Call Law Firm Sites today to get a free review of your site and a new design proposal. Whether you want to update an old site or start something new, we are here to make the ideal webpage to represent your business.

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Author: admin
Date: Jun 17, 2015

Is Your Law Firms Website Mobile Friendly? Why It Matters:

It used to be that having a regular website was enough to ensure that your clients could find you and view your data. Once again, times are changing, and your website needs to change with it. Here are the 3 reasons to get mobile friendly:

Client Preference:

When a client has to choice of providers, the way you set yourself apart is by providing the most features. You may be the best legal team in town, but if your site is inconvenient to use, clients will choose someone else. Convenience and flexibility are key factors in today’s market. If your site is mobile friendly, your customers will know that they can have access to what they need, no matter what they’re doing. We’re a nation on the move; we need websites that keep up with us.

New Changes to Search Rankings:

On April 21st, Google began to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in search results. Google can now penalize you for not being mobile friendly. This only underlies client preference- Google is giving the people what they want. The number of people accessing the internet primarily through a mobile device has skyrocketed, and so the search results will give preference to those sites that can be accessed by mobile device. Don’t let your rankings fall because your site is behind the times!

Staying Relevant:

This is what it boils down to- businesses can no longer afford to not be mobile friendly. If you want to compete in today’s market, you have to be accessible by mobile device. Many people searching for your service will do it from their phone first, and you can miss out on a whole client base right from the start by not being accessible. Here’s the good news- it’s not that hard to get mobile ready. Law Firm Sites can help you get your Law Firms Website up and ready to move with your clients.

Department: Marketing
Author: Erica
Date: May 15, 2015

How to choose my website host

Consumers are more likely to look for a service or product online using an Internet search. This means that the typical business must consider integrating an online marketing strategy into any marketing campaign. Law websites are a critical component of any law firm’s online web presence. Here is what to look for in choosing a website host.

Look for a host that can help with other areas of promoting your website. For example, a hosting that provides optimization services in addition to building the site is extremely important. It is always advantageous for the website to be optimized to ensure the highest rankings in the search engines.

Consider how much space the website will need as it grows. If the website will be an active or extremely dynamic website, the amount of space made available must be considered. The hosting plan should be scalable and be able to grow easily as the business needs expands.

A static website presents a different challenge for a law firm. In the cases of lawyer website, if the site is going to be relatively static, it is important that there are opportunities to optimize the site. The site that won’t be frequently updated will require frequent optimization. The hosting provider should provide the features the user will need to keep the site updated.

Consider professional optimization services. In some cases, the person running the website may not have the opportunity or time to devote to keeping the website properly optimized. Some hosting providers offer optimization services for their clients. It would be best if the company looks for a hosting provider that offers the additional optimization services. Ideally, the hosting provider should offer SEO packages.

Another consideration is whether or not the person will have access to a resource who can design a professional website completely in-house. If not, the company should look for a hosting provider that can provide professional design services. Most hosting providers offer customized templates and web design solutions for their client.

When considering a hosting provider, the type of site, optimization needs, and design goals should be considered throughout the planning stages for those considering law firms website.

Department: Programming
Author: admin
Date: Jan 28, 2014

Looking at the Law Website Competition

Many legal representatives have outdated websites that do not represent firms well. Understand the importance of a profound online presence. All types of lawyers should realize the need to have a competitive edge. To create optimal lawyer websites, know all of your Web hosting, design and SEO needs.

Web design can be handled by an individual or a team of designers. Review the portfolio of each one and request samples so you find the right match. A designer can set up a content management system (CMS) that allows you to modify parts of the site. It is designed to reduce the difficulties of Web maintenance.

There are certain factors to look for in a Web hosting provider, such as space, bandwidth, reliability and customer service. The host allocates space and bandwidth on a server, which are provided to customers. The bandwidth is the volume of data used within a certain amount of time. First, determine the amounts you need, and choose between unlimited or limited. Choose to have additional space or know the costs. Along with space, determine how reliable your website will be. Visitors are not impressed when they are invited somewhere and no one is present, so the same applies to websites. The site has to run without glitches or downtime. Review the amount of uptime that is guaranteed by the company.

The best law website design includes search engine optimization (SEO) features. This work promotes the visibility of a site in the search engine results. Almost all webmasters have heard about the process. One technique is the use of backlinks that connect a more popular site with your less popular one. SEO consultants are trained to evaluate your goals and show you the right techniques. SEO is a continuing process that requires constant research and maintenance.

Despite the work that goes into creating the best design, a website must look presentable and work at all times. Find a reputable host, choose effective SEO techniques and use plenty of design ideas. In the end, a law website must work for the firm and stand out from all the rest.

Department: Marketing
Author: admin
Date: Jun 13, 2013

When to Redesign Your Website

In the modern world, every business knows that maintaining an attractive and informative website is a vital part of successfully running a company. Just like you would keep your physical location clean and comfortable, your website should reflect the same characteristics. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge or experience required to truly make their website stand out from the crowd. If you have been finding that your law firm website is not drawing or keeping as much attention as you would like it to, it may be time for a redesign. That is where our services come in- we are fully capable of taking any website and transforming it into a work of art that draws new clients in and keeps them there. We specialize in working with law firm design, as we have a unique background and set of skills that allow us to reach the target market effectively.

One part of web design is aesthetic. A potential client is more likely to leave your web page and visit another if he/she does not feel that the layout of your website is clean, aesthetically pleasing and professional. We will streamline your design and reduce clutter to ensure that all of your pages are tidy and professional looking, and we guarantee that this will increase traffic. In addition to the visuals, we will also help you provide informative content that gives your potential client all the info they need as quickly as possible.

Before you can keep a potential client on your site, though, you have to get them there. This is where our SEO services come in. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the bread and butter of online marketing. Using both tried-and-true and innovative SEO tactics, we will build you an SEO-friendly site that pulls in clients from all over the web.

Department: Development
Author: admin
Date: May 08, 2013

The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Web Sites

When a law firm is considering creating a website for their services, there are many aesthetic traits to consider. Simple web page designs may have their advantages, but a law firm website with a more dynamic approach can also land more clients. These issues include many pros and cons to whether a law firm or a lawyer should establish what are called static and dynamic websites.

A static website is a website is a website that provides very basic information. Aesthetically, this means that the website is made up of several web pages that are not connected by a database or through specific web coding. If a lawyer needs to edit one page, then only one page needs to be edited. A lawyer website that is static is usually easy to create and typically cheaper. Ironically, this is one of the more complex websites one can invest in. This is because the content and coding is pre-packaged by a web developer. When editing needs to be done or there is a website issue, the lawyer or law firm needs to ask the web developer to edit the website. Because of this, many static websites are typically not edited frequently. Static websites then are easy to make and cheaper, but they are not easy to edit or in direct control of the owner.

A dynamic website is a website where the website content is connected by scripts. The webpages are all interfaced together, allowing for seamless web editing. Developers of dynamic websites allow for the user to easily edit and add content to the websites, such as a private lawyer or anyone at the law firm. This allows for consistent updates on the website compared to a static website. However, dynamic websites are more expensive to develop and the hosting and software needed to facilitate the websites is also expensive.

Choosing whether to have a static or dynamic website for a law firm or a private practice is a question that needs to be wrestled with. Both websites have their advantages and disadvantages, so considering what is best for the law firm or the private practice are important to consider.

Department: Marketing
Author: admin
Date: May 02, 2013

Website Conversion Tips

Attracting people your website is only half the battle when trying to increase sales. Your site must also be good at convincing the visitor to purchase your good or service. For a lawyer, the goal is to get as many people as possible to retain and pay for his or her services.

Law Websites Don\'t Have To Just Promote The Attorney

Your website doesn\'t have to be a promotional product used to tell potential clients how great you are. You can use your website to talk about general legal issues, discuss law topics with visitors and build your reputation as a knowledgeable lawyer through action as opposed to just words. This will attract a wider audience of people who will hopefully share links to your site through their social media pages.

Law Firm Website Design Should Cater To The Customer

While you can use portions of your page to attract anyone who may be interested in the law to come talk to you, the site should still be focused on those who need what you provide. This means that you need to provide a sales pitch that will convince a potential client in need of an accident attorney to retain your services.

Attempt To Gain Targeted Traffic

Through social media outreach, sending articles to article directories and other measures, your site should strive to get targeted traffic. In other words, you should strive to get visitors to your site who actually want what your selling. If you don\'t get enough targeted traffic, it will be hard to turn visitors into clients.

To increase conversions, you need to attract more visitors, get more targeted traffic and sell your firm as much as possible. This will entice more people to get in touch with you and hopefully use your firm to represent them in their court case.

Department: Marketing
Author: admin
Date: Apr 10, 2013

An SEO Guide To Being Number One

It is estimated that the number one search result for a given keyword can bring in three times as much traffic as the number two search result. For a keyword that gets a lot of traffic, this can mean thousands or even millions of extra hits for your site. How do you get to the top of the rankings?

Your Law Websites Need To Incorporate The Right Keywords

To achieve a high ranking for any given keyword, you have to understand the keywords that you are targeting. This will allow you to place those words in meta tags, titles and headers throughout your site. Additionally, this will influence what anchor words you use when linking to another part of your site.

Get A Law Firm Website Design Expert To Help

A keyword expert will know how to analyze search trends and mine through all the search data to determine which keywords will produce the most traffic. Although a keyword tool is easy enough to use, it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out which words to use and which search trends to exploit to bring in more traffic.

Give It Time

It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks to get your site indexed by Google. Therefore, you are going to be patient when it comes to determining if your keyword selections were the proper ones. You should also keep in mind that Panda related changes to search results could catapult your content to the top of the search engines if it is good enough.

The right keywords are going to bring traffic to your site and create more conversions. This will increase your client base and exposure to anyone who may need your help inside or outside of the courtroom with their legal issues.

Department: Helpful SEO Hints
Author: admin
Date: Apr 03, 2013

Google marketing on a budget

It is no secret that search engine Google has one of the most expansive audience reaches on the Internet. When it comes to law websites, it is essential that marketing efforts reach as wide an audience as possible, to attract the target audience searching for their services. Google AdWords is one of more affordable services for attorneys to use for placing advertisements that will display precisely where the target market is spending their time online.


Most every business is experiencing cutbacks and law firms are no exception. Unfortunately, marketing is a necessary evil for all businesses - especially in today’s competitive marketplace. However, most businesses are faced with confronting how to reconcile their marketing and advertising spend. This has necessitated a very thorough analysis of every promotion method to ascertain the best return on investment.

Google Adwords

Using Google AdWords is an effective and affordable strategy for any lawyer website.
Law websites using Google AdWords may advertise directly to audiences that the law firm targets. Whether it is within specific geographical areas, gender, age groups or searches at certain times and days, legal Google AdWords campaigns are one of the most effective strategies to locate each target audience.

Google AdWords has the largest audience for legal marketing at a law firm’s disposal. One of the most important aspects of creating a successful AdWords campaign for a lawyer website is understanding how to set the right budget that will maximize return on investment. For example, it is imperative to thoroughly understand how to allocate budgeted funds for pay per click ads.

Expert Advice

Just as a lawyer counsels their clients on legal matters, professional marketers specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) can help attorneys learn how to attract more web traffic that can translate into more clients. These professionals are trained to craft targeted ads and strategies designed to find the people searching for specific legal advice.

Google AdWords management professionals offer expert insight on how to select the best advertisements to use. This is why engaging a professional and experienced law firm Google AdWords manager will help the law firm to make the best decisions for achieving the highest level of results within any budget, regardless of its size.

Department: Sales & Marketing
Author: admin
Date: Mar 14, 2013

What I need to know about SEO

While basic SEO tends to remain the same, new techniques develop each year for marketers and businesses to be aware of for their websites. The law website is no exception. In fact, because their business is service intensive, there are unique opportunities for them to use effectively that perhaps other businesses are apt to struggle with.

The newest modern SEO landscape trends involve how to effectively incorporate link building. Prior to the Google Penguin update, it was still possible for web pages to rank highly when using purchased incoming links. However, it is no longer a good strategy to include low quality links into law firm design, even if they used targeted keywords describing the specific practice area.

The way to redevelop the law firm link building strategy is by acquiring natural links that Google will rank as relevant, and therefore, high quality. The good news is that it is no longer necessary to spend money on links. However, getting quality links naturally does require that a specific strategy be adopted.

This means that law firm design needs to embrace inbound marketing strategies in order to attract the types of relevant links that will be recognized by the search engines. Providing the best content to those interested that encourages those sites to link back to you is the best tactic to use.

This may be done by using a variety of methods. For example, issuing regular online press releases about the firm’s cases could most likely be picked up by the news publications. Increasing social media efforts by participating in forums and posting answers to questions and blog comments is another method.

The website should be utilized as a platform to publish insightful legal views of key partners at the firm. Then social media can be used to offer followers with a gateway to the content. In this way, new clients are being funneled from other sources to arrive at the consultation form.

Guest blogging on high traffic legal publication site is another way to garner relevance for your practice. All of these efforts also work to establish the firm as an expert in its field.

Once all that is accomplished, maintaining that standing is relatively simple, as long as the law firm website continues to engage the target audience with fresh, useful content.

Department: SEO
Author: admin
Date: Mar 06, 2013

Do You Need An App For Your Website?

If you have a lawyer website that you are trying to promote on the Internet, you need a law firm design company that knows what they are doing graphically. However, simply outsourcing to a graphic design firm that does not know the nuances of marketing in the current business environment does not do your business any good.

In order to have a fighting chance of separating your website from the ever increasing amount of competition on the Net, you might need a website, or you might be better off with a mobile website that has an app on it.

Many business owners feel that they must choose between having a full fledged website and having an app that brings in web traffic. Actually, having any sort of mobile technology is more than affordable for a business with any size budget. You simply need to find the best deal on a designer and make sure that you incorporate the best structure that you can into your marketing program by identifying what tools would best bring your target audience to you.

Apps bring a much more active sort of interactivity between a business and a customer. This may seem like it is always good for business, but in fact it is not. There are actually some industries and some situations in which you simply want to present information and let the customer passively take it in.

In younger demographics, apps are definitely important to keep the attention of the target market. Industries such as apparel, sports gear, video games and entertainment are always helped by the use of active apps. However, more business oriented industries such as manufacturing, textiles, etc. sometimes simply need to explain and let the consumer decide.

The only way that you can decide if you need an app for your website is to take a truthful assessment of your target audience. Are the the type of people who would require action in order to keep their attention or do they simply want information explained to them? Take this assessment and then make your decision about whether or not to invest
Department: Marketing
Author: admin
Date: Oct 15, 2012

How to get FREE ADVERTISING from Google

On April 6, 2009 Google Local hit mainstream when Google announced that they were integrating local search results in the the regular search engine results pages. And they weren’t kidding. Since then, Google Local gets a huge amount of traffic.

Google Local is a way of advertising your local physical business on Google Maps, and it’s the next evolutionary stage from Google that is challenging the traditional space of Yellow Pages and other business directories. Not to
mention, it’s completely and utterly convenient in so many ways. I use it almost every day. You really need to be in Google Local it’s free advertising for your business.

How to Get Some Local Google Love:

The Google Local Business Center works off of keywords, just like the normal search results do. So, the idea is that you win in both keywords and proximity. If your business matches closely the keywords that the potential prospect uses in their search and you’re relatively close in proximity, you will show up nicely.
So how do you set up your Google Local stuff? Simple. Let’s get started:

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Google Account (if you don’t have a Google Account yet, start by creating one here). You must have a Google Account so just give in and set one up if you don’t have one already.

3. Click “Add new business” once you’re logged in.
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4. Add your killer business details as you’d like them to appear in the search results. Make sure your main keyword is in the local business title.

Address: It only needs to be a valid address... Some people use this caveat to add dozens of listings to Google Local. For now, they’re getting away with it. In my opinion, they won’t outsmart Google for long.

Phone Number: Yup, as you’d expect. They will call you to verify the business at this phone number so make sure it’s right.

Description: Make this shine! This needs to sound good. Don’t forget to put your keywords up in here. This will make a big difference in helping you show up for your keywords.

Category: You your most specific categories here, and use all of them. You can add up to five (e.g. dentist, cosmetic dentist, endodontist, dental clinic, dental implants periodontist, etc.)

5. The map on the right will zoom into your location as you type in your address. You can move the marker around if Google’s best guess isn’t right on the nose accurate.

6. If your business already shows up, you’ll be asked to select the listing to claim it as your own, or if it’s a new business just click add a new one (if your business doesn’t match any listings, skip on down to Step 9.)

7. From the list of options, click the “Claim Listing” button next to the one that’s most similar to your business.

8. If your business isn’t there, click the “Add Listing” button at the bottom to create a new listing. Note: In the list of close matches, if the business name on a given listing is wrong but the address is right, click “Claim Listing” and Google Maps will use your preferred name.

9. Continue on to the next page after adding your business details.

10. On this page you get to add all kinds of stuff about your business.

Hours of operation: this is useful info for repeat and potential customers alike.

Payment options: what payment options do you take?

Photos: Do not skip this one. This is a quick chance to not look drab. You can add ten photos.

Videos: This is killer. If your business has videos, upload them to Youtube and add the URL to your listing.
Additional Details: Put anything you want here. I like to try and be funny here. It doesn’t hurt to add a keyword or two, just so long as it sounds natural.

11. Click submit.

12. Verify your listing, by phone if possible. If you have easy access to the phone number on your listing, choose phone verification. Google will call you and, once you enter a PIN, your listing will immediately be verified.

13. If you aren’t near the phone or have a voicemail system, choose postcard verification. Google will send you a card with a PIN for you to enter before mailing it back.

14. Done. If you submitted a new listing, it may take several weeks to show up in the search results, but it will.
And, you get more for your money... oh wait, this is free... Your business will also show up in Google Earth and 800-GOOG-411 as an added bonus.
Department: Helpful SEO Hints
Author: Joelle
Date: May 14, 2010

Marketing Tools

Every day we are searching for new, inexpensive programs that are available to our clients. Well this month we happened upon a program that Yahoo! provides free to the public. It is called Yahoo! Site Explorer. There are tons of different programs within the site explorer that can give you the answers and help that you need in regards to SEO.
The tool I found most helpful is “link”. Through link you are able to obtain the exact amount of pages and back links your website currently has. Then with that information you can compare your website to your competitors, enabling you to increase your page number and back links to get a higher ranking. Contact us to find out how!

Through this easy "Link" process you may be able to reveal the problems behind your SEO and exactly what you need to do to fix it. If you are currently a $500 a month client, don’t worry about it! This is all being taken care of for you. IF you are interested in any of our marketing plans including the $500 a month club give us a call. We would be happy to go over the options with you.

Now, sit back and relax and watch your website climb to the top!

Department: Marketing
Author: Danielle
Date: May 12, 2009

Attorney Website Design, Google Analytics and Blog Sites

Attorney Website Design combined with Google Analytics (GA) contributes to a product that launches many attorneys’ websites to the next level of their marketing. GA is a program that gets attached to your website and will collect data about your website traffic. The information is used to analyze who is coming to your site, what pages they are visiting and how long they are staying on your website.

Installation of Google Analytics is fairly easy and straightforward. If you are interested in having this installed on your website just let us know. We will walk you through the steps of signing up and getting started. Once Google Analytics is set up we can show you how easy the reports are to understand and how to use them to help us increase your ranking.

Another topic of great interest lately is Blog Sites. A Blog site is a website that is maintained specifically by the client. It is a way for the client and the public to have an interaction on a regular basis. It is updated daily, has archived posts and is usually focused on one specific area of law such as Child Personal Injury or Motorcycle Wrongful Death. The advantage to having the Blog Site focused on one area of law is for the search engines and visitors.

Search Engines are crawling websites looking for the topic or focus of the website. If the website focus is completely on one area of law and has a high level of content on that area of law- the search engines will rank it high. If a potential client goes to that website looking for information on Child Personal Injury, they are almost guaranteed to find answers to their questions and resources they need because of how Search Engines focus so intently upon the topic.

Remember that Search Engines compare your website to your competitors and you are ranked on keyword density, site freshness, backlinks, load speed and length of time your website has been established on the internet. Blog Sites usually have a high value when it comes to each of these criteria.

Remember to get high ranking it takes effort and knowledge. Google Analytics gives you the knowledge of what the traffic on your website is doing and a Blog Site gives you a way that you can take that knowledge and incorporate it into your site.

Department: SEO
Author: Daniel
Date: Mar 13, 2009

800 Number and Live Chat

A law firm website design study recently showed that having an 800 number on the front page of the website increases telephone calls by 23%. This number will be different depending on the market you are in. The fact of the matter is that adding an 800 number is easy and quick. Simply ask me and I will send you the instructions.

Another very easy option to add to your attorney website design is live chat. Live Chat is a program that allows you to type in information into a window and instantly talk to your clients. If you want information on this please let me know.

A book about lawyer website design I was reading explained that the more options you give a client to contact you the higher the conversion rate. He compared the contact options (800 number, chat, contact form, text messaging, etc.) to mud. The more mud you throw at a wall, the more will stick and that is the goal.

Department: General Tips
Author: Daniel
Date: Mar 02, 2009

Help Desk has average response time of 22 minutes

The Help Desk was established to quickly assist our clients with support questions, updates and emergency situations. Lately many clients have called with their support questions and it has caused a delay in assisting all our clients efficiently.

We have created a new policy that we will no longer be assisting clients with regular support issues over the phone. Our support staff has been able to resolve the average update/ help ticket in about 4 hours. We have increased the staff to handle the load of support issues.

We appreciate your cooperation with this new policy. We feel it will be better for our Lawyer Website clients by establishing a level of dependability through the Help Desk.

Department: Help Desk
Author: Daniel
Date: Jun 25, 2008

Search Engine Friendly Content

One of the major factors in your website gaining ranking on Google and Yahoo is the text on your website. The search engines will review your law firm’s website for keyword density, paragraph headings and how fresh the content is.

In building your website content keep this in mind. Making sure your keywords show up 3 or 4 times each page is important. For example, if your attorney website page was dedicated to civil litigation you would want that phrase to appear at least once every other paragraph.

For more information about how to get the most out of your website please see the rest of the articles in our attorney website design blog.

Department: Building
Author: Daniel
Date: Dec 05, 2007 New Solution is proud to announce a new feature that take creating your website to a new level. Many attorneys complain that building their law firm website is difficult because they don’t have the time to manage every aspect of the site or build the content they need. We have the solution.

We have created a form that a lawyer can fill out that will ask all the important questions to finish the website. The total time it takes is about 5 minutes. With this done we can complete your website. has a policy of giving clients updates to their website during the contract period. This gives the website owner the flexibility to make updates and changes at their leisure.

The benefits of quickly getting your website up are meeting Google’s ranking standards, posting fresh content and displaying your new design on your website. To access the form please go to

We are available to answer any questions you might have. Law Firm Sites is committed to delivering to our clients the highest level of service.

Department: Building
Date: Nov 28, 2007

Marketing Services

When we build your website we take every precaution to ensure that your site is constructed in a "search engine friendly" manner. Your text is readable, meaning that the search engine "spiders" can crawl the content of your site and learn all about what you have to offer. Your pages are all titled appropriately. Each page of your site has keyword and description identifiers to make it easy for the search engines to discover your site. Each page of your site also have headings that contain keywords, especially important indicators that identify your site. Also built into your site is search engine friendly navigation, an xml sitemap included. All of these basic optimization practices are the foundation of having a successful website online.

Please let us know if you have specific questions regarding what LawFirmSite's search engine optimization package can do for you!
Department: Marketing
Author: Erica
Date: Nov 09, 2007

Marketing Newsletter: Natural vs. Sponsored Results

The Difference Between Sponsored Listings and Natural Results

Sponsored Listings:
Sponsored listings are those purchased by a website owner (i.e. you) from a search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo or MSN).

Each search engine has ueses a different method and progam for facilitating the purcahse of sponsored links. Google has “AdWords” while Yahoo! has “Search Marketing!”

These links are often referred to as PPC (pay-per-click) or Cost-Per-Cick listings. Essentially, each time a web user clicks on your listing you are charged. The amount you pay per click depends on the quality of your ad, the quality of your site and the competition you have for a specific term.

For instance, you may be a lawyer who wants to be found for “environmental attorney in florida.” If you choose to use PPC advertising you would write a brief add and then big on placement. Your listing would appear on the right hand side of the search engine results when “environmental attorney in florida” is searched for.

Natural Listings:
Natural listings are those listings whose position is determined entirely by the search engines. No individual or company can pay to influence their positioning in the natural search engine results.

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine how they will rank websites. Included in these algorithms are things like keyword density, ease of site navigtion, readable text, backlinks, fresh content, and title, description and meta tags. Each element is weighted differently, and these weights often shift over time as search engines deem one element to be more indicative of a quality site than another element.

In search engine optimization (SEO) we work on tailoring your site to fit what the search engine algorithms are looking for. Because search engines do not release their algorithms to the public, search engine optimization is not an exact science and no company can guarantee specific placement.

As search engine optimizers we seek to understand the goal of the search engines. Search engines strive to provide web users with the most relevant websites. When you search for an “environmental attorney in florida” you don’t want to be provided with a list of hair stylists in california. This concept is intuitive.

Each element in the algorithms make sense. From the search engines point of view, the more times you discuss a keyterm in your content, such as “environmental attorney,” the more likely it is that you are actually an environmental attorney. Therefore, no mention of this term would indicate that your site is not relevant to this keyterm. This element, as well as all the others, are included in the algorithms because they are each indicators of the relevancy and quality of your site.
Department: Marketing
Author: Erica
Date: Nov 07, 2007

Attorney Website Design

What an exciting time! Building your new website and having a greater presence on the web will create excitement and energy in your team. Getting your new law firm website will help your visitors find what they need faster and make your business more efficient.

There are several tips that can share that will make the process of designing your attorney website more smooth.

1. Allow us to host your site a no charge. Hosting problems account for 25% of delays when trying to make a website live.

2. Provide your FTP information at the start if you want to keep your current host. For those who already have an attorney website host and don’t wish to switch- providing us your current host’s FTP (File Transfer Protocol) information eliminates hassles and confusion. FTP basically gives us access to your current host. Ask them, they will know what you are asking for.

3. Develop a site map. Attorney Website Design moves along so much better for all parties when the law firm develops a site map or page diagram of their website before beginning. This site map is the blueprint for the website and helps all involved to see what content needs to be created (if any) to populate the website.

4. Communication. Keeping open lines of communication will help your law firm website design move along towards the deadline at a greater pace. We understand you are busy and running a business. We will do our best to take the pressure off and help where needed. If blocks of time goes by without communication the momentum of the attorney website design is frustrated.

We look forward to building you a great website and providing years of service for your law firm.

Department: Building
Author: Daniel
Date: Nov 06, 2007

August Marketing Newsletter: Blogger's Block & Site Promotion

This month we decided to compile a few remedies to cure that bad case of writer’s block you may be expericing.

In addition to the rememdies provided, we have also listed great ways to help you promote your website, your company and your name!

  • Include resources in your posts (articles, links, documents)

  • Simplify a complex legal issue (outlines, lists, shorter versions)

  • Write a how-to post

  • Write a how-things-work post

  • Write of a personal experiece

  • Include tips and lists frequently

  • Provide different perspectives

  • Submit your articles and/or become a blog editor

  • Post a review to a news directory

  • Participate in discussions on related blogs

  • Make frequent posts to your blog: keep search engines and users coming back

  • Submit articles to ezines

  • Participate in Yahoo Answers

  • Participate in LinkedIn Answers

  • After applying a few of these remedies you are sure to be up and writing again in no time! Happy writing!

    --The Marketing Team
    Department: Marketing
    Author: Erica
    Date: Aug 13, 2007

    Internet Marketing Tips

    A big part of internet marketing is notifying potential clients of your legal web site. When promoting your website make sure you cover all your bases.

    For successful internet marketing be sure to include your web address in:

    -your firm's voicemail
    -your firm's yellow pages listing
    -articles you and your partners write for trade and consumer publications
    -list your address with the hours listed on your firm's building doors
    -accessories where your logo is printed (i.e. coffee cups & pens)
    -and on business cards
    -in your email signature
    -street signs
    -T.V. commercials
    -ads printed on cars
    -radio advertisements

    Any place you market your business with your firm's name and/or logo should include your website's address.
    Department: Internet Marketing
    Author: Erica
    Date: Jul 31, 2007

    JUNE: Blog your way to success!

    What is a blog?

    "Blog" is short for "weblog." A blog is an online diary of sorts that allows website owner's to make regular posts to their site.

    A blog can be used for a number of purposes. Some site owner's use a blog as an online journal while others use a blog to rant publicly. Many professionals use corporate blogs to provide web site visitors with helpful information. A blog is an efficient means of communicating to the public, and thus is a huge asset to your firm.

    In a blog you can post articles you've written or a glossary of terms, answer commonly asked questions, or announce current events in your community, in your profession and within your organization.

    How can a blog increase the traffic to my website?

    For search engine optimization purposes, a blog is beneficial because it is updated regularly. The sites who update regularly are crawled and indexed more often by the search engines. Consequently, the regularly updated sites experience higher rankings on the search engine results page because they are "favored" with the search engines.

    A blog allows you to discuss key elements of your business in more depth and detail than does the information you currently provide on your site. In a blog you can discuss your practice areas in more depth. As you do so you will mention key terms more often. In your blog you may announce the addition of a new attorney. In this announcement you are likely to mention the attorney's name multiple times. The repetition of key terms will improve your ranking on the search engines.

    In the context of a blog post there are often links to other resources on the web. Just as the concept of networking is beneficial in real world business, it is also highly beneficial in the virtual world as well. Cross linking is heavily considered by search engines when they are determining worth on the web.

    Because a blog provides useful information, having a blog on your site will help convert the new visitors that enter your site. In addition to converting visitors, a blog will also help you retain visitors. A blog can help you establish your presence on the web as a useful and informative website. Users will return often and refer others because you provide the information they are looking for.

    Don't have a blog on your site? What are you waiting for!?

    Call us today. 1.800.932.6030
    Department: Marketing
    Author: Erica
    Date: May 31, 2007

    May Newsletter: Content, Content, Content!

    MAY 2007

    Content, content, content!

    We cannot stress the importance of content enough.

    Your website must contain content that covers the practice areas you’d most like to market. If you wish to receive high volumes of traffic, a bulleted list will not suffice.

    Many of our clients have a bulleted list of their practice areas on an internal page of their site. While a list is a great way to display the services you provide, a list will only mention each practice area once. The more you mention the keywords you’d like to, the higher you will find your listing on the search engine results page for that keyword. We recommend adding a little more to each practice area regularly, and having each practice area on the list link to its own separate page.

    Search engines like Google and Yahoo want to provide the most relevant results. When a web user searches for “rainbow colored lollipops” the search engines do not want to provide a long list of sites who sell only solid colored lollipops. In order to provide websites that are relevant to the web users query, a search engine will scour the web for content that matches the query. Thus, sites who mention “rainbow colored lollipops” will move to the top of the search engine results because the terms on their pages reflect the web users query. Those sites who have no mention of “rainbow colored lollipops” will move further down on the search engine results.

    Clients often ask “Why does one attorney from our firm appear in the search results while the other attorneys of our firm do not?” The answer lies in content.

    If you are trying to locate your firm by entering an attorney’s name in the search query box, it is likely that the attorney that does appear on the search results page has a profile that mentions his name more than once.

    If you are trying to locate your firm by entering a geographical location and one attorney is favored in the results above another, it is probably because the attorney who appears mentions the geographical location more than once, and more often than the other attorneys mention it in their own profiles.

    To provide the most relevant results search engines must know what is posted on the internet. Search Engines have “spiders” that crawl the content of the web. As they crawl they “make note” and index sites that they find.

    If you update your site regularly the spiders will crawl your site more often. Search engines crawl frequently updated sites regularly to ensure that they, the search engines, are aware of all of the information that is offered on the web. When search engine spiders crawl your site more frequently, you will experience enhanced positioning in the search engine results. Search engines believe that a regularly updated site is most likely to provide users with up-to-date information. Consequently, search engines will refer a site that has been updated recently over a site who has not made any changes in the last year. [“Regular updates” should occur every 2-3 months.]

    The more content you add to your site, the more terms you will discuss. Consequently, you will cover more search queries and be found at the top of search engine results.

    *A blog is an excellent way to add more content to your site while at the same time updating your site regularly without altering the existing content. If you don’t already have a blog give us a call and we’ll help you set it up.

    In summary, the three main ingredients to optimal content are the following:

    -Keyword Dense Content
    -Regularly Updated Content
    -And a lot of it.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding content optimization please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Marketing Team!

    The Marketing Team

    Department: Marketing
    Author: Pools System
    Date: May 09, 2007



    A sitemap is a single webpage that is added to your site for search engine optimization purposes. In a nutshell, a sitemap is an outline of the pages in your website. Organized in an hierarchal fashion, the sitemap contains links to each page on your site. These embedded links are in place to enable search engine spiders to access and index each page easily.

    In 2005, Google introduced the practice of creating sitemaps in xml files, arranged in a specific format. After the sitemap is posted to your site, Google is notified of its whereabouts. Google then downloads the xml file and updates their index of your site based on the information provided in the sitemap. They review your sitemap monthly to stay on top of recent updates you may make to your site during the month.

    The sitemap allows you to notify Google directly of all updates to your site. Because you want your site to be indexed by Google quickly and accurately the sitemap is a wonderful tool. If you have a sitemap on your site you won’t have to wait and hope for spiders to crawl your pages--you‘re assured they‘ll do so monthly.

    Fortunately, Google is not the only search engine who accepts the submission of sitemaps. Yahoo and MSN also support and utilize the implementation of sitemaps. Good news for optimizing your website! Sitemaps are another great way we can help your site climb to the top of the search engine results.

    Department: Marketing
    Author: Pools System
    Date: May 09, 2007

    March Marketing Newsletter: Keywords

    MARCH 2007

    The importance of including keywords in your site’s content cannot be underestimated. In choosing which keywords you’ll incorporate there are a few things to consider, namely KEI value and relevance.

    *KEI Value*

    The best words to include are the keywords that are searched for often, but that relatively fewer sites are competing for.

    This principle is summed up in the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) value of a keyword.

    For example, the term “lawyer” is a popular search term, however, it’s KEI value is a mere 0.018. In order to capitalize on keywords for your practice select specific terms and phrases.

    The search phrase “florida criminal lawyer” has a KEI value of 402.735. The difference between the two phrases could mean leaps and bounds for your ranking.

    In a nut shell, we want to focus on optimizing for specific keywords and phrases.


    --Consider the average consumer.

    What would the layman search for when trying to find a professional in your field on the web? When describing your services and practice areas think of common phrases and terms used by consumers who aren’t an expert in your field.

    --Don’t discount professional terms.

    Although our goal is to target the average consumer, there may be phrases specific to your profession that people within your industry will use to find you.

    If you have not already discussed receiving a keyword report with a member of our marketing team, or if you have already received one but would like a current report, please let us know.

    •Look for next month’s newsletter where we will discuss how to incorporate specific keywords into the content of your website.


    The Marketing Team

    Department: Marketing
    Author: Pools System
    Date: Mar 26, 2007

    Lawfirmsites Tip: Building Pagerank

    Pagerank can be built by increasing your "incoming links." Incoming links are links that come from other pages. This means that the more pages out there on the internet that are linking to you, the more likely you are to get indexed on Google, and the higher your pagerank is going to be. The battle for internet placement has become the battle for obtaining links.

    But just having incoming links is not enough. Recent algorithm changes and increased artificial intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated. Getting links from link farms or other shady pages is no longer going to work. Instead, you need quality links from quality pages--pages that have content relevant to yours. Building up a network of such links is the way to the top of the search engines. is committed to adding you to the legitimate networks that can increase your Pagerank without penalization.
    Department: Marketing
    Author: Nathan
    Date: Oct 10, 2006 Tip: Internet Marketing

    Let's talk about how can get your site optimized. One of the most important things in the SEO process is choosing keywords. There is definitely no shortage of possible mistakes to make while choosing keywords. May sites try to choose too many, other sites target entirely the wrong ones. At law firm sites, we try to limit the keywords to about 3 phrases per page of your site. We do have quite a bit of experience optimizing lawyer's websites, which helps us to have a good idea of which terms you're generally looking for, however, to be most effective, we need good communication from you to be sure that we're targeting the keywords you want us to be targeting. Soon after your site is built, it would be helpful to us if you could get back to us with a list of specific keywords you'd like us to target. Once again--choosing and targeting a specific keyword, say, "California Lawyer," is no guarantee that you will show up number 1 for that term. Ranking algorithms are very complex and depend on many factors. Choosing more competitive or more general keywords means you're more likely to show up lower in the rankings. When you're trying to think of keywords, ask yourself what a potential client would be looking for. What would a possible customer type in to the search engine box? These are usually good phrases to target. Additionally, these should be "phrases," not just words. For you really want to target the word "bicycle"? Probably not...because anyone searching for "bicycle" is probably looking to buy a new bike. Or maybe they're looking for bike trails near where they live. Who knows? What you want to target is a phrase like "bicycle accident lawyer." That's a much more specific term, and one that you're more likely to get decent rankings for anyway. Plus, even if you showed up #1 for the term "bicycle" (which would be very difficult), you still wouldn't get any relevant traffic because the vast majority of those people aren't even looking for a lawyer. If you can come up with a list of 10 to 15 such terms, it will make it much easier for us to optimize your site the way you want it. Let know which one or two are the most important.
    Department: Marketing
    Author: Nathan
    Date: Aug 29, 2006 Marketing Tip: The Real Deal

    Many of us remember with chagrin our first website, and the disappointment when the flood of traffic that we expected didn’t come. We then come to the realization that a nice website is only part of the story, getting people there is the real key to having success with your website. Sure we need a website that will build credibility but there has to be someone to build credibility with. Some lawyers use their website to pull in clients who are browsing the web. Other lawyers use their website less for client acquisition and more for client development and support. Both require a marketing aspect to couple with your website. If you are not getting the results that you would like from your website, call and we can suggest the best marketing technique for your law firm.

    If you want to increase your marketing budget, you may want to consider our referral program. When you give a referral that leads to new business, we will credit you $250. If you give us three referrals we will renew your marketing for an entire year. Two referrals and we will update your site for one full year at no cost. A referral may be as easy as dropping our name to another lawyer who noticed your website, or by emailing us the referral.
    Department: Sales
    Date: Jul 12, 2006 Tip: Content Better Sooner

    Here at, we like to help lawyers establish a presence on the web that is professional, marketable, and informative. It's easy to become excited about how a clean, solid design can make a website all those things at once. And with the advent of new web technologies like CSS, making a beautiful site is now much more firmly in the hands of those who have the eye for it.

    But if there is a famine in the land of the web, it's a famine of good content. No web technology or marketing tool can help your firm create good content. Many firms hire a copywriter just for their website. This ensures that the words behind the look communicate the same image your firm needs, and is committed to making sure that happens.

    That's why it's better to get content sooner for a designer than later. Reading and working with the content can help shape a designer's vision of what the firm is trying to convey. Is the firm made up of established, experienced professionals? How about a younger, smaller, growing firm looking to make an impression? Whatever that impression is, having the content sooner makes it easier for a developer. With expertly written articles, profiles, and practice areas, we can use layout, colors, type font, and branding to make your site look like a cohesive, effective packaged statement instead of the broken and inconsistent image littered across too much of the web.
    Department: Development
    Author: admin
    Date: Jun 28, 2006 Blog Launch

    Law firm sites is pleased to announce the launch of the new Law Firm Sites blog!

    The term "blog" is short for "weblog," and refers to building a sort of online journal with the intention of providing visitors with useful information. Today, many websites employ blogs to deliver content to visitors, and now offers the same groundbreaking interaction.

    The blogging revolution has revamped the way the web works. Home users, professionals, and even businesses are now using blogs as a method of communication. The information available on the web is growing exponentially.

    Law Firm Sites is now offering the ability for you to create your own blog. If you're interested in this fantastic offer, contact our sales team.
    Department: Programming
    Author: Nathan
    Date: Jun 15, 2006


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