March Marketing Newsletter: Keywords

MARCH 2007

The importance of including keywords in your site’s content cannot be underestimated. In choosing which keywords you’ll incorporate there are a few things to consider, namely KEI value and relevance.

*KEI Value*

The best words to include are the keywords that are searched for often, but that relatively fewer sites are competing for.

This principle is summed up in the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) value of a keyword.

For example, the term “lawyer” is a popular search term, however, it’s KEI value is a mere 0.018. In order to capitalize on keywords for your practice select specific terms and phrases.

The search phrase “florida criminal lawyer” has a KEI value of 402.735. The difference between the two phrases could mean leaps and bounds for your ranking.

In a nut shell, we want to focus on optimizing for specific keywords and phrases.


--Consider the average consumer.

What would the layman search for when trying to find a professional in your field on the web? When describing your services and practice areas think of common phrases and terms used by consumers who aren’t an expert in your field.

--Don’t discount professional terms.

Although our goal is to target the average consumer, there may be phrases specific to your profession that people within your industry will use to find you.

If you have not already discussed receiving a keyword report with a member of our marketing team, or if you have already received one but would like a current report, please let us know.

•Look for next month’s newsletter where we will discuss how to incorporate specific keywords into the content of your website.


The Marketing Team

Department: Marketing
Author: Pools System
Date: Mar 26, 2007


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