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JUNE: Blog your way to success!

What is a blog?

"Blog" is short for "weblog." A blog is an online diary of sorts that allows website owner's to make regular posts to their site.

A blog can be used for a number of purposes. Some site owner's use a blog as an online journal while others use a blog to rant publicly. Many professionals use corporate blogs to provide web site visitors with helpful information. A blog is an efficient means of communicating to the public, and thus is a huge asset to your firm.

In a blog you can post articles you've written or a glossary of terms, answer commonly asked questions, or announce current events in your community, in your profession and within your organization.

How can a blog increase the traffic to my website?

For search engine optimization purposes, a blog is beneficial because it is updated regularly. The sites who update regularly are crawled and indexed more often by the search engines. Consequently, the regularly updated sites experience higher rankings on the search engine results page because they are "favored" with the search engines.

A blog allows you to discuss key elements of your business in more depth and detail than does the information you currently provide on your site. In a blog you can discuss your practice areas in more depth. As you do so you will mention key terms more often. In your blog you may announce the addition of a new attorney. In this announcement you are likely to mention the attorney's name multiple times. The repetition of key terms will improve your ranking on the search engines.

In the context of a blog post there are often links to other resources on the web. Just as the concept of networking is beneficial in real world business, it is also highly beneficial in the virtual world as well. Cross linking is heavily considered by search engines when they are determining worth on the web.

Because a blog provides useful information, having a blog on your site will help convert the new visitors that enter your site. In addition to converting visitors, a blog will also help you retain visitors. A blog can help you establish your presence on the web as a useful and informative website. Users will return often and refer others because you provide the information they are looking for.

Don't have a blog on your site? What are you waiting for!?

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Department: Marketing
Author: Erica
Date: May 31, 2007


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